About Northern Red Photography

My favorite part of being a wedding photographer is being able to provide my couples with wedding related information far beyond the typical wedding photography elements.  From timelines to wedding day tips, I love being able to pass along all the information I have obtained in my years as a wedding photographer to my clients… and now you! The readers of this blog. 

To give you a little background on myself, I am the founder and lead photographer of Northern Red Photography.  I picked up a camera my senior year of high school and haven’t put one down since.  My pursuit for my love of photography continued past high school as my minor in college at the University of Rhode Island.  While my husband, the other half and the business brains of Northern Red, was serving in the US Army, we were living in a small town outside of Fort Campbell Kentucky a whopping 1075 miles away from our entire family and “home”.  During this time, we welcomed our first child into the world and it was in this moment that my husband and I realized just how important photographing these milestones of our first born’s life were not only for our memories but to share with our family back home.  I knew I was meant to capture these moments not only for my family but I wanted to be able to provide these captured moments for other families as well.  It wasn’t long after becoming a family and portrait photographer that I began photographing weddings.  I now focus primarily on wedding and engagement photography and am based in South Carolina, working with the most amazing couples and fellow wedding vendors. 

Northern Red Photography