Do I Need Two Photographers? | Second Shooter Questions Answered

Do I need a second shooter?


One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from potential wedding clients is “Do I need a second shooter”?  I have never employed a full-time second shooter photographer and have been a solo shooter for my entire wedding photography career.  Why do I choose to shoot solo, you ask?  The answer to my why is, I have never found the need.  I have worked endless hours in countless weddings to hone my abilities to understand what will happen next.  All the best photographers aren’t just in the right place at the right time, they anticipate what will happen next and place themselves in the right place at the perfect time.  The best wedding photographers will compile a cohesive presentation of all of your wedding day photos from different angles and perspectives; your end product will likely seem as though one person was multiple places at once.  

The What’s and What If’s of Solo Shooters:

What about the reactions when we see each other for the first time?

One major question that arises with capturing two emotions at once is how will one photographer get mine and my fiancé’s face when we first see each other?  Within a split second the groom’s reaction to seeing his beautiful bride can be captured and then panned to the bride walking down the aisle.  From family emotions to guest reactions, a single shooter never means a compromise on the coverage you receive.  

What if we’re getting ready at separate locations?

Getting ready at separate locations from your fiancé is hardly a deal breaker for a solo-shooter.  The solution to this seemingly difficult question is timeline.  Timelines are key for every wedding day and necessary for working out the logistics of a successful, stress-free wedding.  What you will find from solo-shooting wedding photographers is the suggestion of photographing one person then meeting the other at their getting-ready location and meeting back up at the ceremony location for touch-up and last-minute preparation photos.  

Does this mean I can’t have a second shooter if you don’t employ one full time? What will the extra cost be?

Absolutely not.  If you have decided a single shooter is an absolute deal breaker I can absolutely provide a second shooter for the day of your wedding.  Costs can vary depending on how long you think you will need a second shooter but you can expect to pay around $75-$100 per hour for second shooter coverage.

I’m still unsure if I should hire a second photographer.

Always be open and honest with your photographer.  If you are considering a photographer who works alone be sure to voice your concerns, odds are your photographer has first hand experience with any reservation you may have.  Before you write off a photographer who doesn’t automatically offer a second photographer with their packages, talk with them to understand how they work and what you could expect from them on your big day.  

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